“Impact Coffee” is an open invitation to create a global, leading-edge and pragmatic conversation about high-impact entrepreneurship.

History has shown that the world’s most disruptive, successful and admired minds are the greatest change agents precisely because they share a native conviction that the fundamental purpose of business is to maximise their positive impact.
They are the radical minds: benefit-focused and purpose-driven, they address today’s most pressing challenges through scientific and technological breakthroughs - to progress the world.

They are founders, innovators, developers, wonderers – and they’re at their most powerful when they’re sharing their ideas and abilities.

Impact Coffee is where they meet to connect, inspire and collaborate. It’s a place for having surprising conversations, meeting kindred spirits, and developing the kind of local and global networks needed to propel pioneering business ideas into action.

It’s powered by people, and anyone can plug in, whether it’s setting up an event in new event in your hometown or dropping in to an existing meet-up.

Join us.


Getting involved couldn’t be simpler.

First, find out if there’s an event near you here .
If there’s an Impact Coffee meet-up already underway in your city, all you have to do is sign-up , or turn up, and be prepared to meet some thought-provoking, world-shaping impact entrepreneurs, share your ideas and make some invaluable new connections.

If there isn’t already an Impact Coffee gathering nearby, we’ll help you set one up.
You only have to choose the date, place and share it to your local scene and we will promote it on the Impact Coffee social networks and website as well as share tips on hosting to get the most out of your attendees.
You’ll be joining our global network of Impact Coffee ambassadors who bring together their city’s best and brightest over a cup of coffee.


Our global ambassadors are the local faces you’ll meet at your nearest Impact Coffee gathering. They’re key players in the impact scene, often entrepreneurs themselves, and avid connectors. They set up local events and are your host on the day, making sure that the right introductions are made, the conversation flows, and your macchiato is on its way.



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